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    Important .Net Help and Discussions

    Use this forum for all Visual Studio .Net programing help and discussions. All off topic or general non-tech related discussions should be posted in the Water Cooler.
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    Syntax Highlighting

    .Net Forums has an extensive code highlighting system in place for posting formatted code in threads and replies. The syntax highlighting system has support for many languages. The system supports all .Net languages as well as the other languages listed below. Usage is: [ code=<language>]Code...
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    Important Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Posting Guidelines

    .Net Forums Posting Guidelines, Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use comply with the GDPR guidelines. It is advisable to read these guidelines and terms of use. You will be required to agree to the privacy policy on registration. The Privacy Policy, Posting Guidelines and Terms...
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    New Member Welcome Wagon

    New members post here to introduce yourself to the community. Posting a short intro will allow the members of the community to get to know you.
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    Welcome To .Net Forums

    Welcome to the new .Net Forums. Please take a minute and post in the New Member Welcome Wagon thread to introduce yourself to the community. I have made everything simple for posting. Only one forum for everything. Whether you need help with some code or just want to talk about the weather you...
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